07 March 2007

A March Ritual From Armada: “Tango Pasion”

Omer Ocampo - Monica Romero couple will again be dancing this March...
Tango-lovers, keep Sunday night on the 25th free!

Tango has been a tradition at Armada for many years now, but recently, it has reached its peak with "Tango Passion" in March. On our dance piste will be Omer Ocampo – Monika Romero couple, the lead dancers of “Tango Pasion”, an Argentinian group which has reached worldwide fame since 1994.

Sunday, March 25th, will also coincide with our traditional “Tango Night on Last Sunday of the Month”. The couple lives in Buenos Aires. Together, they have founded the dance company “Los Ocampo” which in its own right is an “ecole” in the world of tango. For more about Los Ocampo, check out their website: http://www.losocampo.com.ar/

Omer Ocampo – Monica Romero
(Photo: Alain Boccard)


21.00 Opening
21.00-22.00 Özdener Koyutürk Tango Orchestra- Tango masters: Ümit İris and Seval Uğur Mutlu
22.00-23.00 “Tango Pasion”- Special Show by Ocampo - Romero couple
23.00-24.00 Özdener Koyutürk Tango Orchestra

Menu: During this breathtaking show there will be no dishes but drinks and fresh fruits will be served.
Price: 35 YTL pp/ including VAT and 2 glasses of domestic drinks & fruit.

For Reservation:
Tel: 0212 - 455 44 55
E-mail: infosatis@armadahotel.com.tr
Bülent Tağcı (0 212 455 44 72)
Zerrin Kelebek (0 212 455 44 70)