28 January 2003

Valentine Day Programs At Armada

There are three different programs after a “Valentine Day Party” at the Armada Lobby which will be open for all, on Friday evening, February 14th, 2003.

  • A “romantic dinner” at the “Armada Sera” with live violin music,
  • A “cheerful dinner” at the “Ahırkapı Restaurant” and “Tango and Salsa” show,
  • A “Valentine Day Concert” at the Radio Bar’da as of 23:00 hrs. by Ergüder Yoldaş (piano) and İlknur Açıkel (soloist)...

To spend a romantic night by lodging at the Armada is a fourth alternative but for that, reservation at least week prior to February 14th is preferred.


MENU: “Wedding Soup”, Love pastry, Green Salad with Ginger, Chicken Medallion with Vegetables, Parfait with Nuts & Warm Choclate...

Prices: (Including domesting drinks and VAT. )

1) Ahırkapı Restaurant 40.000.000.- TL./pp
2) Armada Sera 50.000.000.- TL. /pp
3) Radio Bar Concert; 30.000.000.-TL./pp (2 domestic drinks and fresh fruits included).

(2)+ (3) 65.000.000.- TL /pp

BED & BREAKFAST: 75.000.000.- TL/pp

For reservation please call ARMADA Sales Office
Tel: 90-212-638 1370 (8 lines) Fax: 90-212 518 50 60 –
e-mail: info@armadahotel.com.tr

Ms.Zerrin Kelebek , Sales Mgr.