22 December 2008

Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar: Hit of the Month by Pukkaliving!

The Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar that was opened yesterday, chosen as the "Hit of the Month" by Pukkaliving!
Here is the news (for the original coverage, click on the title below):

Hit of the Month

Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı

You’re known as a magpie: swooping by and grabbing the best before those vultures beat you to it. Here’s a piece to wet your appetite: A dozen designers and affordable antique and contemporary art dealers have come together to create the Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı starting this Sunday. Part flea market, part curiosity bazaar often seen in Paris, London and the like, it promises to be a sugar fix for the ultimate decorati. Pick up an authentic Komet painting from Fazıl Seyhanlı & Partners; mingle with rare books offered at Librairie de Pera stand; or spend time finding the perfect print from among vintage photography and quirky stationery from Mas Matbaası. There’s also handmade clothing, furniture, jewellery, ceramics, vintage furniture, retro house furnishings and cute knitware offered at mouth-watering prices, all to be enjoyed with delicious food and wine courtesy of Armada Otel set in Ahırkapı in historical peninsula, (the ‘next Galata’, we think). Almost like hitting two birds with one stone. Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı starts on Sun., 21 Dec. at 1 p.m., and runs through to 6 p.m. everyday until Wed., 31 Dec., re-opening between Fri., 3 Jan.-Sun., 1 Feb., 2009 (weekends only). Ahırkapı Sok., Armada ‘Garaj’, Cankurtaran. 0212 455 4480. Click on armadahotel.com.tr for info and map.

19 December 2008

Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar

A novelty from the old City of Istanbul: “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar” that will be a gift to all Istanbul citizens before the New Year Eve; will be inaugurated on December 21, Sunday...

Ahırkapı district of old Istanbul that is more and more attracting the interest of the locals and guests from abroad, prepares itself for a new event: “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar”! The inauguration of the Bazaar that combines “flea market” and “curiosity shop” concepts and stands on just next to Armada Hotel’s “Garage” on the Ahırkapı Street will be held on December 21, 2008, Sunday between 13:00 and 18:00 hours. The localization of the Bazaar is very well known, as it is the venue of Spring Street Festival (“Hıdrellez”) concerts. “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar” will be open between 13:00 and 18:00 hours everyday until December 31, 2008. As of January 3, 2009 it will be open only on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 and 18:00 hours. The Bazaar consists of ten different indoor shops of popular persons and will present collectibles, art pieces, jewelry, furniture and various things. The Armada Hotel will cater the visitors whenever the Bazaar is open… (In the meantime the above logotype of the Bazaar was designed by famous graphic designer Hakkı Mısırlıoğlu!)
Who will be selling goods from their collections at “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar” are:

  • Adil Can – Nursan Art Workshop, Semra Bayrı
    Ceramics from Anatolian Civilizations...
  • AFRA (Aslı and Azra)
    Armchairs, pillows, furnitures, knits, art...
  • Antique Store of Kenan and Fevzi Yıldız
    Ancient wooden Anatolian artpieces, iron, copper, wooden, soil pots...
  • Armada Hotel
    Food and Drinks (Armada’s treat menu on December 21: Rice with chickpea, crispy dough sheets,
    orange flavored dessert, lemonade, special sweet drink of Ahırkapı, red and white wine.)

  • DHL, Polat Bengiserp
    Transportation of the sold goods.
  • Ethem Üstel
  • Fazlı Seyhanlı and Partners
    Picture frames from famous artists as Komet and Yüksel Aslan...
  • Librairie de Pera, Uğur Güraçar
    Rarely found books...
  • Nesteren Davutoğlu and Ceylan
    Anthiques, souvenirs, accesories, furniture...
  • Okan Kor
    Furniture, pictures and various goods...
  • TAKIL, Saadet Keskin
    Jewellery design, souvenirs (mostly made of ceramic)
  • Saadettin Davran
    Furniture, accesories, pictures, curiosity stuff...
  • Selçuk Arıkan
    Solid wooden furniture designs, anthiques (1930-1970), objects, lighting accesories... http://www.18istanbul.com/
Address: Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı, Ahırkapı sok. Armada Garajı, Cankurtaran, İstanbul
Contact/ Info: Nedim Mazliyah, nmazliyah@armadahotel.com.tr, 0212 455 44 80
Mine Kor, minekor84@hotmail.com , Tel: 0535 291 48 83
Location Info: http://www.armadahotel.com.tr/pg_en/location.asp

15 December 2008

Armada Hotel: Number One of Best Tango Venues in Turkey!

The Top Ten Jury of HURRİYET Daily valued the Armada Hotel as the No:1 within the top 10 list of best Tango places in Turkey... In fact, Armada devoted itself to encourage tango lovers by organizing dance events at the Hotel as of 1999...

14 November 2008

13 November 2008

Armada Hosts the First Time Performance of “City of Hotels”...

“I am among lyrics and songs,
which had never been written and sung
in any language.”
Edip Cansever

If he were alive, he could have heard his own words as songs in jazz melodies like he used to love and would have been very happy.

Armada will be hosting a poetry performance titled “City of Hotels” of Hümay Güldağ and Metin Belgin on the evening of 18th of November, 2008, Tuesday. Baki Duyarlar will accompany with his piano and the jazz songs composed by himself in the performance where the dramatically edited poems named “City of Hotels” of famous Turkish poet Edip Cansever will be on stage.

“City of Hotels” of Edip Cansever turns into a visual feast in Armada where has an atmosphere gives a feeling of İstanbul in early 20th century. One of the characters in the play of these dramatical poems, “Mrs. Sara” will be played by Hümay Güldağ and Metin Belgin gives life to the characters “Maitre d’hotel” and “ex-husband of Mrs. Sara”. Baki Duyarlar (Named in memory of his father who is a big Turkish Classical Music composer, Baki Duyarlar.) comes along with the performers by playing jazz songs which were particularly composed for the poems of Edip Cansever and this performance, live with the piano. All costume designs belong to Dilara Endican...
* * * * * *

Edip Cansever, who is one of the pioneering poets of “The Second New” movement, constructs his poetry on comprehension of loneliness, cosmic loneliness of the individual. Each of us reach to our own inner voice whenever we read his poems.

“In City of Hotels, not only people come close and draw apart, but also objects, embedded with them, face the same treatment. With the companionship of gin glasses, Ms Sara, being acquainted with her own pains, attends to a different orchestra; “Like a female Christ crucifies herself on life or on death. Honestly, I am not sure, on life or on death? The only thing I know is that she paints the whole book with her own color, like blood leaking from those that I am not able to know.” / Edip Cansever

A Poetry Performance by Hümay Güldağ and Metin Belgin
Composer Baki Duyarlar

12 November 2008

“Modern Appearance of Anatolian Ceramics” is in Historical Peninsula...

Armada Hotel hosts an exhibition which will be shown after 15th of November, 2008 and continue for 15 days, consists of the artworks of one of the present-day Anatolian Ceramics creators Adil – Can Nursan Art Workshop.

Ceramic, which takes part in every period of Anatolian Civilizations, had been being reproduced for 25 years in Adil – Can Nursan Art Workshop with its new shape that took its inspiration from the unique specialities and thoughts owned by the civilizations. Among the artworks which will be exhibited in Armada by the founders of the workshop Adil Can and his wife Nursan, there will be glazed pots being made since year 5000 B.C., Greek ceramics with red and black figures, white clayed ceramics carrying reliefs of Roman figures, “sgrafitto” (technic of undercoat scraping) ceramics from Byzantium and Seljuks, “slip” (technic of undercoat adorning) ceramics, colorful and shiny ceramics from Seljuks and Ottomans, ceramics with blue and white figures from period of Beyliks (Pre-Ottoman Period), Çanakkale ceramics, 18th century Kütahya tiles, and the tiles which were made in İznik from 15th century to 17th century with a raw material which is found in İznik. The exhibition will take place at Armada Hotel Fountain Café and will be open for visitors until 30th of November, 2008.

Couple have curated both mixed and personal exhibitions and all the works they produced are manipulated with the same methods with ancient Anatolian civilizations’. The works of the workshop are accepted as artistic masterpieces by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and are shown among artistic souvenirs in Pera Museum. Adil Can – Nursan Art Workshop is also a member of “Anatolian Arts Club”.

Opening: November 15th, Saturday, 15:00 – 17:00

For detailed information about artists:
Semra Bayrı: semrabayri@yahoo.com
Workshop Web: http://www.adil-can.com/
Workshop e-mail: info@adil-can.com
Anatolian Arts Club: http://www.anatolian-arts.com/

13 October 2008

Stephan Micus Honoured The Armada Otel

Stephan Micus, the famous jazz master and multi-instrumentalist who has dedicated much of his life to understanding and studying traditional instruments and then playing them in a completely untraditional way, was our guest last week. He came to Istanbul for the Akbank 18th Jazz Festival and stayed at the Armada Hotel. Micus preferred the Guest Lounge as the venue while giving special interviews to Turkish press.

He also signed Armada's Honour Book saying: "To the team of Armada Hotel, Thank you for making me feel at home"!

30 June 2008

A Panoramic Delight: Armada “Terrace Bar”

The Armada Terrace, “Historical Penninsula silhouette’s window to the world”, is one of indispensable refreshing venues of the city in summer 2008… this summer is different from the others as well: the “Sedirli Otag” on the terrace has been replaced by “Terrace Bar”!

“Armada Terrace” is one of the most refreshing venues where Istanbul citizens spending the summer in the city can visit after work hours and it is again hosting delicious and romantic dinners in the summer of 2008. This summer, the “Sedirli Otag” located at the Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia side of the terrace has been replaced by “Terrace Bar”.
At the front end of the terrace overlooking the Marmara Sea and the Princess Islands, dinner service will be continued. At the Terrace Bar, our guests may enjoy cold and hot nibbles from “Cilingir Platters” accompanied by their evening drinks and Istanbul music…
The Terrace Bar is elevated from the terra cotta floor of the Armada Terrace by a timber platfrom and is elegantly shaded by white architectural fabric. Especially at sunset, with its spacious and ample seating provided on sofas and bar stools and white columns of light, the Terrace Bar creates an ambiance of travel on a comfortable boat deck.

28 April 2008

Armada Celebrates World Dance Day 2008

2008 International Dance Day Message

By Gladys Faith AGULHAS

The spirit of Dance has No colour, No selected shape or size
But Embraces the Power of Unity, Strength,
And Beauty found within us.

Each Dancing Soul, Young, Old, person livng with a disABILITY
Creates and transforms ideas into life changing moving Art.
Dance is the mirror reflecting the impossible made possible.
For all to touch, hear, feel and experience.

Sounds from our hearts and Soul is our rhythm,
Our every move reveals the history of mankind.
It is the element where the Human Spirit can embrace the ultimate Freedom.

Whenever our hands touch, something beautiful happens,
What the Soul remembers, the body portrays through movement.
Dance is therefore the healing force for all to access,
You are my eyes and I am your feet.

Use your Passion for Dance to heal each other,
Unify your dance community,
Most importantly be the Best that you can be in your Own Right,
We are able to stand unified through the Power and Spirit of Dance.

artwork collage: Luca di Paolo - photo: John Hogg
graphic design: proietti-artcreations.com


28 January 2008

“Valentine’s Day 2008” at the Armada Hotel

“Valentine’s Day, 2008” will be celebrated at the Armada Hotel on February 14, Thursday. The program includes “Welcome Cocktail” with the live music by Group “Trio” at the Lobby, Romantic Dinner with the live music by “Dance Orchestra”. There is a rich breakfast with champagne next morning for the couples those wish to stay at the hotel on the 14th night. All the couples will also be given an artistic gift as a souvenir of "Valentine's Day 2008" by the Armada Hotel.

19:45-20:30 – “Welcome Coctail” and Group “Trio”, Lobby
20:30-24:00 – “Romantic Dinner” and “Dance Orchestra” - Ahırkapı Restaurant


  • Starters:
    Cold “Meze”s at the Traditional “Armada Çilingir Tray”:Grape leaves stuffed with Rice, Chicken with Walnut, Obergine Salad, Salmon Tartare, then; Pastry filled with Spinach, Fried Liver with Dill, Casseroled Shrimp
  • Main Dish:
    Grilled Lamb Loin, marinated with Rosemary and Smoked Aubergine Puree Salad with Fresh Greenery
  • Desert:
    “Love Parfait” with Icecream
  • Finale:
    Coffeee and special Armada liqueurs
  • Unlimited domestic drinks

Valentine’s Day (Cocktail & Dinner): 150 YTL for 2 person
Valentine’s Day (Cocktail & Dinner + Bed & Brakfast): 275 YTL for 2 person
Including VAT

For detailed information and reservation please call:
Armada Sales Team
E-mail: infosatis@armadahotel.com.tr
Irmak ÖZYURT (0 212 455 44 71 )

23 January 2008

2008 Frankfurt Book Fair Guest of Honour: TURKEY

Frankfurt Book Fair has been held since 1949. Between 1974-1988 special events were held as “Focal Theme“. Guest Country organizations started in 1988 with Italy and the "Guest of Honor" in 2008 will be Turkey!

The National Executive Committee which is responsible for conducting the "Frankfurt Book Fair 2008 Guest of Honour Turkey Project" and Mr. Ertugrul Günay, The Minister of Culture and Tourism organized a press meeting and presented the project to press representatives at the Armada Hotel today.
They also presented the project logo that was designed by Bülent Erkmen, within the concept of "Turkey: With All Colours".

Why We Will Be The Guest?

* to advertise the cultural heritage of Turkey universally,
* to establish a cultural integration with Europe,
* to universalize the TEDA Project,
* to universalize Turkish publishing sector,
* to establish strong international relationships for Turkish Translators,
* to support the ‘2010 Istanbul Cultural Capital of Europe’ Project...
With the Project of Turkey as Guest of Honour, it is focused to get in contact with European Citizens, German Citizens and Turkish people in Germany and Europe.
For the details please click here...