25 October 2004

Eagean Nights At Armada With Yannis And Görkem Saoulis

Yannis Saoulis, one of the contemporary representatives of Greece’s rebetiko music tradition and his Turkish wife Görkem Okten will give concerts to Istanbul citizens and guests from all around the world at Armada on each Wednesday night… They have been dealing with promoting, producing and publishing Greek rebetika, folk and Turkish classical, folk music for years.
A dinner menu consisting of samples from Aegean kitchen will accompany Armada Concerts…

Yannis Saoulis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 1st 1962. At the age of 14 he buys his first bouzouki and teaches himself to play. At the age of 18 he plays and sings professionally. From 1981 to 1986 he studies music theory and oboe at the National conservatory of Thessaloniki. At the same time, he works as a musician and singer. In 1986, he immigrates to Holland, to study Philosophy at the University of Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam, Dept. of Political Sciences.

In 1991, he takes private classes in singing. During his stay abroad he performs professionally in concerts, social events etc. in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. He works with Nikos Ignatiadis (who also lives in Holland at that time) both in concerts and publishing. He participates in many recordings (especially with the baritone Pieter Vis) of Greek repertoire.

In 1992, he starts his own label under the name of IAN Productions and works at his own studio. In 1995, he forms the group Yannis Saoulis & ensemble with which he performs the rebetiko, Greek folk music and music from Asia Minor in concerts, publishing and for the Dutch media (Radio and TV stations), receiving excellent reviews for his work on rebetiko from the Dutch, Belgian, French and British press. In 1997, Yannis Saoulis returns to Thessaloniki. His activities here include recording in his studio and representing Sony DADC in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. He also starts a new label named Anatoliki Pili (Eastern Gate) which focuses on traditional music from Eastern Mediterranean cultures. Public performances with Greek and Turkish musicians are held in Istanbul, Thessaloniki and Athens.

· Souvenirs from Greece. Instrumentals arr. By Nikos Ignatiadis.
· Giannis view of Greek music. Contemporary Greek songs.
· In Bethlehem Stad. Instrumental arrangements for bouzouki and organ recorded in Tiel Cathedral.
· San Magemeno. A collection of rebetiko, songs from Asia Minor and own compositions.
· Anatoliki Pili. Vocal and instrumental improvisations on own and others' compositions.
· Ta Paralimnitika. Kyriakou Pelagia and the Mesogios ensemble - Traditional Cypriot songs. Produced by Yannis Saoulis.
· Ta Paralimnitika II. Kyriakou Pelagia and the Mesogios ensemble - Traditional Cypriot songs. Produced by Yannis Saoulis.
· Kayikci. Music from and inspired by the movie Kayikci.

In print
· Exodos. A tribute to Asia Minor with own compositions
· Ta Paralimnitika III. Kyriakou Pelagia and the Mesogios ensemble- Traditional Cypriot songs. Produced by Yannis Saoulis
· Ta Lyrika. Arrangements on compositions of Mikis Theodorakis.
· Zivania. A collection of folk, rebetiko and songs from Asia Minor performed by men's or women's choir.
· Poetry from both sides of the Aegean Sea. Narrations.

For more information please visit: http://www.easterngate.net/ and http://www.rebetiko.org/

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