19 October 2006

The 83rd Republic Day will be celebrated with a traditional Ball at the Armada on October 29th, 2006.

The Ball will begin with a coctail party at the Lobby which will start at 20:00 and finish at 20:30. Then the guests will have Gala Dinner at the Ahirkapi Restaurant . Live music by the Ozdener Koyuturk Orchestra and Tango will be the main features of the night. Join us and share our joy...

  • 20:00-21:00 Welcome Coctail (at the Lobby)
  • 21:00-24:00 Gala Dinner and Dance (Özdener KOYUTÜRK Tango Orchestra)

  • White-cheese, Melon, "Circassian chicken", Russian Salad
  • Cream of chicken
  • Crepe with vegetables
  • Salad "Mimosa"
  • Ice Cream 'Cassata'
  • Domestic Drinks

Price: 50 YTL/pp (Including VAT)

For reservation: ARMADA Sales Team
0212 - 455 44 55
E-Mail: infosatis@armadahotel.com.tr
Sultan Sebilcioğlu (0 212 455 44 71)
Bülent Tağcı (0 212 455 44 72)
Zerrin Kelebek (0 212 455 44 70)

17 October 2006

13 October 2006

Armada celebrates the first Nobel prize that came to Turkey!

The City and the World

We live in an age of mass media, mass movement, and globalization when it is likely that we will confront different cultures and different races as we go about our daily business. But Turkey has always had to deal with the problems and pleasures of diversity, as it straddles the place where Asia and Europe meet.
The best-selling Turkish novelist, Orhan Pamuk, has devoted his life to the study of mixture and plurality, and what is often called "the clash of cultures." By concentrating on a specific country, and even narrowing his focus to one city – the teeming, chaotic city of Istanbul, caught between its desire for the west and its admiration for the east – Pamuk finds a way to talk about all kinds of identities. Individuals, nations, cultures, periods, even literary styles and genres, start to leak, multiply, change and slip. In White Castle, for example, an Italian slave finds he has a double in an Ottoman pasha: the two look alike and share a burning interest in science, but the Italian decides to stay in Turkey, while the Turk becomes disillusioned with his native country and moves to Italy. In My Name is Red, sixteenth-century Istanbul slips into modern Istanbul, fiction becomes confused with reality, and what we thought was a philosophical novel about the place of art in our lives, slips into a detective story and a love story...

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12 October 2006

33 French journalists travel to Turkey in order to visit the exhibition by Gökşin Sipahioğlu

Doğan Hızlan, columnist of Hurrriyet, comments on the news as follows:

"33 journalists are coming to Turkey to visit the exhibition that was held in Istanbul Modern: “The Right Time The Right Place” by well-known photographer Gökşin Sipahioğlu, the founder of the LEGENDARY photograph agency.

The journalists, who will stay at the Armada Hotel in Sultanahmet, will visit the Grand Bazaar, Tahtakale, and Egyptian Bazaar in the morning. Then they will go to İstanbul Modern and visit the Exhibition.

After the exhibition, there will be a luncheon at Istanbul Modern. Among the participants of this event are the Ambassador of France, Yaşar Kemal, Ara Güler and other close friends of Gökşin Sipahioğlu and some journalists and writers from Turkey.

In line with the program that was prepared by Aydın Sezgin, the Consul Generale of Turkey in Paris, the guests will also visit the “Harem” section of the Topkapı Palace. -Well-known history Professor and the Director of the museum- İlber Ortaylı will guide the museum tour.
* * *
Two of the French journalists are coming from Bayreuth while others are coming directly from France.
İstanbul Modern will host the guests in Turkey. With three hours of Bosphorus tour, the journalists will get to know the beauties of the Bosphorus. In addition, they will visit the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

When you have a glance at the guest list, you will see that they are the most renowned personalities, editors, and writers, particularly of the photography world. Among the foreign guests are the Turkish photo managers who are well known abroad.

Is there any need to emphasize the importance of these kinds of visits?

I think that this hosting is an impressive one for a few reasons. Firstly, they will see the photographs of Gökşin Sipahioğlu within a museum that is in his own country. In the meantime, they also will see some of the efforts Turkey is putting into the field of art. Secondly, when they become friends with the persons who they met here and by seeing Turkey, I think their thoughts contrary to Turkey will change.

* * *
I would like to learn their thoughts before they come here and after they return to their country.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

We would like to thank to our dear friends SİPAHİOĞLU and Ayperi Ecer KARABUDA (Reuters) for choosing Armada to stay during such an important event.
Hoping the wishes of Doğan Hızlan will come true!