11 March 2016

Apokries at the Armada Hotel Istanbul: March 12, 2016, Saturday

"Apokries" is an old Istanbul tradition and a carnaval that was revitalized by the Armada Hotel for the first time on February 14th, 2010. Apokries, the carnival of fun and masquerade once celebrated by the Greek Orthodox community in Istanbul (*) every year during Ottoman Empire will be celebrated once again at Armada Salon with a live musical performance by “Café Aman Istanbul”a renowned Rembetiko band comprised of Turkish and Greek musicians.
This year's the event will be held on March 12, 2016, Saturday evening at 20:30 PM. 

Would you like to join us and celebrate this once-a-year carnival while enjoying our special Apokries Menu designed for this special night?


Assorted Cold Mezzes
Stuffed vine leaves, Circassian Chicken, Stewed Beans, Mashed fish roe with bread crumbs, Beets, Feta Cheese, Haydari - a spread made with yogurt, Marinated red pepper-, Russian Salad, Chard Salad
Hot Mezzes
Chard leaves stuffed with mince meat, Fried Calamari, Plovdiv Meatballs, Fried Zucchini,
Fried pastries with cheese and spinach filling
Main Dish
"Hunkar Beğendi" ("Sultan's Delight"; lamb stew served on mashed eggplant) or “Kurkutlu” Fried Perch with mayonaisse
Deserts – Fruits
Pumpkin desert and seasonal fruits
Soup by Night: Tripe
Unlimited local Alcoholic drinks
Price: 140 TL/pp

MENU WITHOUT MEAL (On the back side of the salon by raised tables

Fruit Plate, Cheese & Melon, 2 glasses local drink
Price: 75.- TL/pp

For more information and reservations, please call the Reception by simply dialing "0"
or call Irmak Özyurt 0 212 455 44 71-72
e-mail: iozyurt@armadahotel.com.tr - etkinlik@armadahotel.com.tr - 

Armada Tel: 90 212 455 44 55

(*) http://intransit.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/02/27/reviving-carnival-in-istanbul/

09 March 2016

Our Iranian Neighbors; Welcome to Turkey, Welcome to Istanbul!

Iranian neighbors have been started to fully enjoy of their "freedom of travel" after taking off the embargo. One of the first coming destination they prefer to go, is naturally the "neighbor" Turkey and Istanbul...

Here are some citations from the news in today's Radikal Daily:

The daily occupancy rate of the mutual 18 scheduled flights, is being expected to reach hundred percent by the Nawruz...

Taban Airlines, Meraj Airlines, Mahan Airlines, Qeshm Airlines, Aseman Airlines, Ata Hava Yolları, Zagros Airlines, Atlasglobal, Iran Airlines and Turkish Airlines are the companies those taking flights between Iran and Turkey...

...Mrs Ferima Bombayni who came to Istanbul for the first time, said that she will come again on Nawruz festivity. Bombayni expressed: "I have been to the Prince Islands. Listened to a concert given by an Iranian artist. I strolled around in "Aquarium", bazaars and shopping malls." Another lady from Iran also said that she likes Istanbul very much and enjoyed most in Hagia Sofia, Grand Bazaar, the Bosphorus and also the shopping centers. She stated that she will visit Istanbul more often.
Murtaza Vatani said: "We're coming from Iran. We strolled around. I will come again in Nawruz"... Stating that he has been to Sultanahmet, Hagia Sofia and Grand Bazaar, Abbas Sofi said: "I visited at the historical places. I hope we will come again as whole family during Nawrouz holiday". Mensume Can also said that she is intending to repeat her visit on Nawruz...
For the original of the news (in Turkish) please click here!

Armada Hotel within the heart of historical center of Istanbul welcomes Iranians!...