23 June 2006

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos signs his new book at the Armada

Bir Patrik CocukkenDimitrios Arhondonis took the name Bartholomeos after graduating from the Heybeliada Seminary on the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul and becoming Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church. Yesterday his new book, in Turkish, "Bir Patrik Çocukken (When a Patriarch was a Child), was launched at a ceremony at the Armada Hotel, where the Patriarch signed copies for his readers. Published by the Bizim Deniz Publishing company, translated into Turkish by Ari Çokona and edited by Editor-in-Chief Celal Başlangiç, the book is a collection of essays written during the Patriarch’s primary and secondary school years. In his preface to the book, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Hatemi stresses that Patriarch Bartholomeos is not only a warm-hearted spiritual leader, but also a dedicated environmentalist, adding his heartfelt wishes that the Patriarch will write his memoirs in the near future…
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15 June 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Armada celebrates all fathers and those who love them around the world...

We prepared a "Father's Day Brunch" for the Sunday morning, June 18th:
Feta Cheese (Turkish "white cheese") - "Kaşar" Cheese- Turkish "Tulum" cheese- Butter- Cream- Green Olive- Black Olive- Tomato- Cucumber- Strawberry Jam - Apricot Jam- Orange Jam - Honey varietes- Yoghurt- Fresh Fruit Salad- Raisin- Sultana (Fig)- Dried apricot- Oat Meal- Fried Eggs- Omlette- Turkish pastries: "Acma" - "Poğaça"- Pastry with cheese- Provensial Bread- Rye Bread- "Baklava" with Sour-Cherry- Fruit Basket- "Pestil" (Fruit pulp sheets dried under direct sunlights and folded)- Tea / Coffeee / Milk- Fruit juice... Price is 25 YTL./pp.

For reservation please call or e-mail to "Armada Sales Team":
Tel: 0212 - 455 44 55
E-posta: infosatis@armadahotel.com.tr
Zerrin Kelebek (0 212 455 44 70) - Nilüfer Yünlü (0 212 455 44 71) - Bülent Tağcı (0 212 455 44 72)