17 December 2002

Small Hotels Met At The Armada

The owners of the best small hotels in Turkey which were listed in "Small Hotels Book - 2002" which is one of the the "best-sellers" by Sevan and Mujde Nisanyan, met at the Armada for the first time!

The managers and/or owners of the small hotels around Turkey were met at the Armada on December 17, 2002 upon the Nisanyans´ invitation. They were in common by being "small", "respectful to culture and the environment". The Nisanyans caried out the small hotels those they found -their number were over 160- to the Internet as well and prepared a web site at the http://www.nisanyan.net/ address. The authors presented this web site during the first part of the meeting as of 09.00 till 12.30 hours. Then, the participants discussed that what else they could have done for using the web more creatively and servicing their guests more efficiently in 2003 and the coming years...