02 May 2005

Join Us At Traditional Spring Festival On May 5th, Thursday Evening

It is said that, whatever you wish for that night comes true!

Hıdrellez, is one of the seasonal festivals of all Turkish world which is celebrated as the first day of the early summer. It is also day of Hızır, the day on which prophets Hızır and Ilyas met with each other on earth. The words Hızır and İlyas have since fused together pronounced as Hıdrellez. Hıdrellez Day falls on May 5-6. There are various theories about the origin of Hızır and Hıdrellez. Various ceremonies and rituals have been performed for various gods with the arrival of spring or summer in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Iran, Greece and in fact all eastern Mediterranean countries since ancient times. One widespread belief suggests that Hızır is a prophet who has attained immortality by drinking the water of life (ab-ı hayat), and who has reached God, and wanders around among people from time to time, especially in the spring, and helps people in difficulty and distributes plenty and health. The identity of Hızır, the place and the time he lives are not certain. Hızır is the symbol of spring, and the new life which emerges with it. In Turkey, where belief in Hızır is widespread, the characteristics attributed to him are as follows:

Hızır rushes to the aid of people in difficulty and grants peoples’ wishes.
He always helps well-meaning, benevolent people.
He brings plenty and wealth wherever he stops.
He brings remedies to those who are troubled and health to the sick.
He helps plants to grow, animals to reproduce, and human beings to grow strong
He helps improve peoples’ fortune.
He is the symbol of good omens and good fortune.
He has the God-given power of working miracles.

Hıdrellez Festival, that is still celebrated with grand ceremonies in Anatolia, has been celebrated since ancient times. Although it is celebrated under different names and in different times, it is possible to see the motifs of Hıdrellez in many places. The arrival of spring and awakening of nature have been perceived man as a phenomenon to be celebrated. In fact, Hıdrellez, as a spring festival, has a universal character.
The Hıdrellez at Ahırkapı activities which was first started by ARMADA years ago and now owned by the civil community and the municipalty begin on Ahirkapi Street and spread to the adjacent streets. All the traditional spring foods and drinks -both the traditional ones and the brewery- are sold through the street-buffets, while the local musicians perform roman and Balkan music. The Ahirkapi Great Roman Orchestra which is consisting of the neighboring musician groups of Ahirkapi community performs street concerts along with the guest performers... Küçük Hasan from Lüleburgaz a zurna genius and the drum master Tamer Kum and his group come every year. This year The “Macedon Koçani Orkestar”, Buzuki Orhan, Yannis and Gorkem Saulis will join and perform along with the others during whole evening. Towards midnight the traditional fires will be jumped over and the wishes will be attached on the traditional Nahil´s. Nahil is a symbolic wish-tree and an ornament from Ottoman culture. The ones at the Ahirkapi Street were first designed and used during an Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2002. Since then they are being used as the wish tree of the Hıdrellez spring festivals which is organized by the civic community and supported by local Eminönü Municipality.
So keep a wish, put it on Nahıl and enjoy the Fasıl and Festival!


Date: May 5, 2005, Thursday
Venue: Around Ahırkapı Street, in front of the Armada Hotel, Kalyon Hotel, Citadel Hotel, Social Facilities of Eminonu Municipality
Time: 19:00 – 24:30

19.00 – “The Hıdrellez 2005 Parade” at the Ahırkapı Street with participation of traditional street musicians and orchestras

Traditional spring foods and drinks at the street shops…

(Doner, “kokoreç”, rise with chick pea, Sultanahmet meatballs, fish in bread, mussel “dolma” (stuffed mussel), rise with mussel, pastry, Turkish delights, ice cream, nuts, traditional halva and more...)

Lemonade, Sherbet, Beer, Wine and other sorts of drinks on the traditional streetcars.

As of 20:30 - Concerts: Ahırkapı Great Roman Orchestra , Little Hasan From Lüleburgaz, Drum virtuoso Tamer Kum and Ensemble” “Buzuki Orhan”, “Macedon Kocani Orkestar”, “Yannis & Görkem Saulis” and other surprise artists…

24:00 - Hıdrellez 2005 fires at the street...

Entrance Fee: Free
Food & Drink: Paid at very “symbolic” prices! (First buy coupons at the Information desk in front of the Armada Garage, and then have food and drinks just by giving them…)
Concerts: Free
Transport: Click for a Carparks and free Shuttle Map. There will be free shuttle buses From Sirkeci and Eminönü to Ahırkapı.

01 May 2005

April 29: World Dance Day

2005 World Dance Day Message was written by Miyako Yoshido, UNESCO Peace Artist, Japanese dancer. Armada where there are dance in four days of every week, would like to share it with its dance-lover guests...

Dance is exclusive to no one.
It grants joy and elation to all that partake or spectate.

The language of dance knows no boundaries.
It reaches beyond class, education, country and belief.

Its vocabulary is infinite, as human emotion resonates through movement.
Dance enriches the soul and uplifts the spirit.

Dance lives within all that live.
Let all the children dance and peace shall surely follow.

UNESCO World Dance Day web site: