24 April 2009

Celebration the World Dance Day 2009 at the Armada Hotel

"Armada" and "dance"... Since its foundation, Armada doors are always open to dance events that revitalize Istanbul's good old days... Now, they are once more opening for celebrating the International World Dance Day 2009, on 29th April, Wednesday... In cooperation with "SalsaTürk" and with the participation of İsmet Müftüoğlu, the Champion of Latin Dance in Turkey, the celebration program consists of Salsa, Tango, Sirtaki and other surprise dance shows by professional dancers with the live music by "Cuban Band La Salsa"...

Along with the professional dancers, the guests could also be able to dance "Salsa", "Tango", "Jive", "Merengue" and "Hip-Hop" during the celebration program that will start as of 20:00 p.m. until 01:00 a.m. The guests are expected to dress in a way that reflects their own dance style.

(Entrance Fee: 25.- TL/pp including one glass of local drink, fresh fruit and nuts )

For detailed info & Reservation:
Armada Sales Team,
Tel:90 212 455 44 55
E.mail: infosatis@armadahotel.com.tr
For group tickets: SalsaTurk http://www.salsaturk.com/
Tel: 0532 455 79 22 - 0533 385 35 34
E.mail: salsaturk@gmail.com

UNESCO World Dance Day 2009 Message
by Akram Khan

"This very special day, International Dance Day, is dedicated to the one language that everybody in this world can speak, the inherent language of our bodies and our souls, of our ancestors and of our children.

This day is dedicated to every god, guru and grandparent that ever taught and inspired us.

To every song and impulse and moment that's ever moved us to move.

It is dedicated to the little child that wishes it could move like its star. And to the mother who says, 'you already can'.

This day is dedicated to every body of every creed, colour and culture that carries the traditions of its past into stories of the present and dreams of the future.

This day is dedicated to Dance, to its myriad dialects and its immense power to express, transform, unite and delight."
Source: http://www.iti-worldwide.org/dancedaymessage.html