22 November 2004

The Dream Segments By Turgut Salgar

The Dream Segments exhibition, consisting of photo-digital compositions by Turgut Salgar at the Armada Lobby, will be open as of today until January 10, 2005.

“Sultanahmedian” by birth and choice. Being very lightsensitive, he also has insight to cultural layers and levels. He chooses to express his opinions and feelings in pedimentos.

Turgut Salgar

Photographer and travel writer for decades he now expresses his subjective views in different media, mainly photodigital compositions. His recent book “Prince Komet Principles and Unofficial Photonotes” was printed in limited edition (31 copies) and well received. Continues to work on his photographic novel “Zzala” . Lives with two cats, “Paşa” the German Shepard and his lovely ex-wife.

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Turgut Salgar
Tel/Fax: 212 - 231 43 59

A Group of French Students visiting Armada...
Their hobby is Oriental Dance!
When they saw the environment, they were dressed up and kindly danced both during the inauguration of the Exhibition, as well as the interval of the Rembetiko program...

25 October 2004

Eagean Nights At Armada With Yannis And Görkem Saoulis

Yannis Saoulis, one of the contemporary representatives of Greece’s rebetiko music tradition and his Turkish wife Görkem Okten will give concerts to Istanbul citizens and guests from all around the world at Armada on each Wednesday night… They have been dealing with promoting, producing and publishing Greek rebetika, folk and Turkish classical, folk music for years.
A dinner menu consisting of samples from Aegean kitchen will accompany Armada Concerts…

Yannis Saoulis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 1st 1962. At the age of 14 he buys his first bouzouki and teaches himself to play. At the age of 18 he plays and sings professionally. From 1981 to 1986 he studies music theory and oboe at the National conservatory of Thessaloniki. At the same time, he works as a musician and singer. In 1986, he immigrates to Holland, to study Philosophy at the University of Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam, Dept. of Political Sciences.

In 1991, he takes private classes in singing. During his stay abroad he performs professionally in concerts, social events etc. in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. He works with Nikos Ignatiadis (who also lives in Holland at that time) both in concerts and publishing. He participates in many recordings (especially with the baritone Pieter Vis) of Greek repertoire.

In 1992, he starts his own label under the name of IAN Productions and works at his own studio. In 1995, he forms the group Yannis Saoulis & ensemble with which he performs the rebetiko, Greek folk music and music from Asia Minor in concerts, publishing and for the Dutch media (Radio and TV stations), receiving excellent reviews for his work on rebetiko from the Dutch, Belgian, French and British press. In 1997, Yannis Saoulis returns to Thessaloniki. His activities here include recording in his studio and representing Sony DADC in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. He also starts a new label named Anatoliki Pili (Eastern Gate) which focuses on traditional music from Eastern Mediterranean cultures. Public performances with Greek and Turkish musicians are held in Istanbul, Thessaloniki and Athens.

· Souvenirs from Greece. Instrumentals arr. By Nikos Ignatiadis.
· Giannis view of Greek music. Contemporary Greek songs.
· In Bethlehem Stad. Instrumental arrangements for bouzouki and organ recorded in Tiel Cathedral.
· San Magemeno. A collection of rebetiko, songs from Asia Minor and own compositions.
· Anatoliki Pili. Vocal and instrumental improvisations on own and others' compositions.
· Ta Paralimnitika. Kyriakou Pelagia and the Mesogios ensemble - Traditional Cypriot songs. Produced by Yannis Saoulis.
· Ta Paralimnitika II. Kyriakou Pelagia and the Mesogios ensemble - Traditional Cypriot songs. Produced by Yannis Saoulis.
· Kayikci. Music from and inspired by the movie Kayikci.

In print
· Exodos. A tribute to Asia Minor with own compositions
· Ta Paralimnitika III. Kyriakou Pelagia and the Mesogios ensemble- Traditional Cypriot songs. Produced by Yannis Saoulis
· Ta Lyrika. Arrangements on compositions of Mikis Theodorakis.
· Zivania. A collection of folk, rebetiko and songs from Asia Minor performed by men's or women's choir.
· Poetry from both sides of the Aegean Sea. Narrations.

For more information please visit: http://www.easterngate.net/ and http://www.rebetiko.org/

For reservation please call Armada Sales Team:
Armada Hotel: 0212- 455 44 55
Zerrin Kelebek - zkelebek@armadahotel.com.tr
Yasin Ocakoğlu - yocakoglu@armadahotel.com.tr
Nihan Murat - nmurat@armadahotel.com.tr

28 September 2004

81st Republic Day Ball

A reproduction of traditional celebration plate: Long Live Republic!

The 81st Republic Day will be celebrated with a traditional Ball at The Armada on October 29th, 2004.

The Ball will begin with a coctail party at the Lobby which will start at 20:00 and finish at 20:30. Then the guests will have Gala Dinner at the Ahirkapi Restaurant . Live music by the Republic Orchestra and Tango will be the main features of the night.

15 August 2004

Armada Starts The Tango Season With Tango Passion...

Tango Passion; passionate tango or passion of tango... Omer Ocampo and his partner Monica Romero, the top dancers of the worldly renowned tango group; Tango Passion of Argentine, will be performing at Armada on September 19, 2004, Sunday night .

Monica Romero was born in Buenos Aires, the daughter of famous artist Estela Raval and singer and musician Rycardo Romero. She studied jazz and modern dance, studying and performing with prestigious choreographers and dancers such as Nuri Cid, Beatriz and Victor Ferrari and Moira Chapman. In 1984 she reached a turning point in her career when she met Omar Ocampo. They married and established 'Los Ocampo.' Omar Ocampo was born in Entre Rios and started his professional dance career at an early age, dancing with the Ballet Folklorico Nacional of Santiago Ayala, 'El Chucaro' and Norma Viola for 11 years. Omar Ocampo is the best folk dancer of Argentina and is a judge of the 'Danzas Argentinas Competition.' They've been travelling together performing the tango around the world since 1988.

On the same night, Armada's ever-dancing tango masters Ümit İris and Seval Uğur Mutlu will also perform and show the audience that this body language is also well-spoken in Turkey too!

For more about Los Ocampo, check out their website:

04 May 2004

Traditional Spring Festival On Ahirkapi Street

Keep A Wish & Join The Traditional Open Festival: “Hidrellez 2004” on May 5th evening...

According to the cultural tradition, the Anatolian people used to celebrate spring with a festival called Hidrellez or the festivity of spring on each May´s 5th day. It is said that, whatever you wish for that night comes true! So, after a gray winter the Armada Hotel is organizing a semi-contemporary Hidrellez-2004 and inviting all of Istanbul’s citizens to come and participate. The activities begin on Ahirkapi Street which Armada is on and will spread to the adjacent streets, Wednesday evening (5th of May). All the traditional spring foods and drinks (both the traditional ones and the brewery) will be sold through the street-buffets, while the local musicians perform gypsy and Balkan music. This year, in addition to the individual wishes, some white ribbons symbolizing peace will be attached on the traditional Nahil´s... The Ahirkapi Great Roman Orchestra which is consisting of the neighboring musician groups of Ahirkapi community will perform its third great street concert along with the guest performers... Küçük Hasan from Lüleburgaz a zurna genius and the drum master Tamer Kum and his group will also be the guest musicians of the night! And… Last but not the least, The “Macedon Koçani Orkestar” will join and perform along with the others during whole evening… As the weather may be rainy take your raincoat and join the festival!

PROGRAM: (19:00-24:30)
19.00- Opening the Hidrellez-2004 at Ahırkapi Street
Street concerts by the local musicians... Spring foods by the portable street-shops: Döner kepab, meatball, kokoreç, fish in bread, rice, pastry, baklava, icecream, dried-nuts, etc. etc... Lemonade, scherbet, brewery, all other sorts of drinks...
21:30 - Concert- Ahirkapi Great Roman Orchestra, Guest performers (Kocani Orkestar)
24.00 - Attaching the Hidrellez 2004 Wishes to the traditioal Nahil (wish-trees), Traditional street fires… Do not miss this wonderful opportunity! Keep a wish and join in the festival!

30 April 2004

International Dance Day Celebration

Being one of the Armada traditions, The International Dance Day was celebrated at the Armada on April 29th, 2004 with the participation of tango, milonga, salsa groups...

On the other hand, the documentary by Gunes Karabuda; The Story of Tango which was taken in Argentina, La Boca was also played...

Below, a shot from the Dance Day celebration; Ms. Seval Ugur Mutlu reading the UNESCO's 2004 Dance day Message:

Seval Uğur Mutlu... (Below the opening dance with Ümit İris)

A couple from the Salsa group at the Lobby...

This year the following UNESCO message was read:

Year 2004 - International Dance Day Message By Stephen PAGE

Dance is the original most ancient form of human expression. Through the body and physical language, dance has a powerful connection with the emotional and spiritual worlds. In traditional Aboriginal culture, dance is the core, like a kind of sacred medicine. Dance is grounded, connected to the spirit of Mother Earth. Unless you surrender to the dance you can't hunt quietly. It is an integral part of human existence. When I create a new dance work I ask the dancers to swallow and digest the traditional seed, to sense the innate code within so that we can transform the traditional essence to the contemporary world. Dance is the universal language. It represents human identity and a celebration of the human spirit. Dance is the artistic heart of kinship. It is a sacred universal remedy.


06 February 2004

Celebration The Tenth Anniversary Of Tango In Armada

The tenth anniversary of Tango in Armada will be celebrated on April 4th, 2004. As it happened during the 5th Anniversary, the couples will be honoured by specially designed certificates and silver brooches which were prepared by URART designers. (The silver brooches were adopted from a mural in Argentina.) The number of the couples who have been dancing tango on each Sunday and milonga on monday nights is over 100...

22 January 2004

The Petition Of The Eminonu Citizenship Declared



The Eminönü Platform for the Historical Peninsula -a civil ngo which was established by a group of tourism and hotel management sector in the old city of Istanbul- organised an event last week. Almost all the local mayor candidates attended at the event which was titled as The Eminonu Citizenship Petition and has got great press coverage. Among the founders of the platform is tha Armada management as well...

The detailed news story, the visuals and the copies of the presentations in power point format those were made during the event (in Turkish only) are at the Platform's website: http://eminonuplatformu.org

08 January 2004

St. Valentine Day At The Armada

For the evening of February 14th, 2004, on Saturday, on the occasion of St. Valentine's Day, the ARMADA hotel proposes different programs, including a cocktail of welcome for all the valentines and a free talk with Rezzan Kiraz, well-known Tarot specialist on Tarot and the future of your relationship...

The couples who will celebrate the “St. Valentine Day 2004 at the Armada Hotel will be met with the welcome coctail around the traditional Nahıl (wish-tree) installed in the middle of the lobby near Marble Fountain...

“MENU: Appetizers / Love Pastry/ Medallion of Turkey with Orange Sauce/ Green Salad with Ginger Sauce/ Parfait aux noix with hot choclate sauce and dometistic drinks...

Programs and Accomodation Packages:

1) “Dinner at the Ahırkapı Restaurant with live music by an Orchestre and Tangos:

Price: 90 million TL for two person.

1. A) Have dinner above + one night accomodation including open-buffet breakfast next morning in the hotel Armada.

Price for two persons: 165 million TL.

2) Dinner in the sounds of a guitar and an accordion at the glass-glazed SERA Restaurant next to the Terrace enjoying a panoramic sight on the historic peninsula of the city.

Price for two persons: 140 million TL.

2.a) The same program and one night accomodation including the open-buffet breakfast. In this case you will be entitled free of charge the program Dance in Radio Bar with the music by a disc-jockey from 11:00 pm till 01:00 am:
Price; 215 million TL for two.

3) Dinner in the sounds of a guitar and an accordion at the glass-glazed SERA Restaurant next to the Terrace enjoying a panoramic sight on the historic peninsula of the city. and Dance in Radio Bar with the music by a disc-jockey from 11:00 pm till 01:00 am:
Price for two persons: 180 million TL.

4) Dance in Radio Bar with the music by a disc-jockey from 11:00 pm till 01:00 am, unlimited local drinks.
Price for two persons: 60 million TL.

For more information and for the bookings, please contact the Sales Department of the Hotel ARMADA

Tél.: 90 ) 212 639 13 70 ( 8 lines); fax: 90 ) 212 518 50 60.
E-Mail: zkelebek@aramadahotel.com.tr; Info@armadahotel.com.tr