22 December 2008

Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar: Hit of the Month by Pukkaliving!

The Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar that was opened yesterday, chosen as the "Hit of the Month" by Pukkaliving!
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Hit of the Month

Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı

You’re known as a magpie: swooping by and grabbing the best before those vultures beat you to it. Here’s a piece to wet your appetite: A dozen designers and affordable antique and contemporary art dealers have come together to create the Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı starting this Sunday. Part flea market, part curiosity bazaar often seen in Paris, London and the like, it promises to be a sugar fix for the ultimate decorati. Pick up an authentic Komet painting from Fazıl Seyhanlı & Partners; mingle with rare books offered at Librairie de Pera stand; or spend time finding the perfect print from among vintage photography and quirky stationery from Mas Matbaası. There’s also handmade clothing, furniture, jewellery, ceramics, vintage furniture, retro house furnishings and cute knitware offered at mouth-watering prices, all to be enjoyed with delicious food and wine courtesy of Armada Otel set in Ahırkapı in historical peninsula, (the ‘next Galata’, we think). Almost like hitting two birds with one stone. Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı starts on Sun., 21 Dec. at 1 p.m., and runs through to 6 p.m. everyday until Wed., 31 Dec., re-opening between Fri., 3 Jan.-Sun., 1 Feb., 2009 (weekends only). Ahırkapı Sok., Armada ‘Garaj’, Cankurtaran. 0212 455 4480. Click on armadahotel.com.tr for info and map.

19 December 2008

Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar

A novelty from the old City of Istanbul: “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar” that will be a gift to all Istanbul citizens before the New Year Eve; will be inaugurated on December 21, Sunday...

Ahırkapı district of old Istanbul that is more and more attracting the interest of the locals and guests from abroad, prepares itself for a new event: “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar”! The inauguration of the Bazaar that combines “flea market” and “curiosity shop” concepts and stands on just next to Armada Hotel’s “Garage” on the Ahırkapı Street will be held on December 21, 2008, Sunday between 13:00 and 18:00 hours. The localization of the Bazaar is very well known, as it is the venue of Spring Street Festival (“Hıdrellez”) concerts. “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar” will be open between 13:00 and 18:00 hours everyday until December 31, 2008. As of January 3, 2009 it will be open only on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 and 18:00 hours. The Bazaar consists of ten different indoor shops of popular persons and will present collectibles, art pieces, jewelry, furniture and various things. The Armada Hotel will cater the visitors whenever the Bazaar is open… (In the meantime the above logotype of the Bazaar was designed by famous graphic designer Hakkı Mısırlıoğlu!)
Who will be selling goods from their collections at “Ahırkapı Curiosity Bazaar” are:

  • Adil Can – Nursan Art Workshop, Semra Bayrı
    Ceramics from Anatolian Civilizations...
  • AFRA (Aslı and Azra)
    Armchairs, pillows, furnitures, knits, art...
  • Antique Store of Kenan and Fevzi Yıldız
    Ancient wooden Anatolian artpieces, iron, copper, wooden, soil pots...
  • Armada Hotel
    Food and Drinks (Armada’s treat menu on December 21: Rice with chickpea, crispy dough sheets,
    orange flavored dessert, lemonade, special sweet drink of Ahırkapı, red and white wine.)

  • DHL, Polat Bengiserp
    Transportation of the sold goods.
  • Ethem Üstel
  • Fazlı Seyhanlı and Partners
    Picture frames from famous artists as Komet and Yüksel Aslan...
  • Librairie de Pera, Uğur Güraçar
    Rarely found books...
  • Nesteren Davutoğlu and Ceylan
    Anthiques, souvenirs, accesories, furniture...
  • Okan Kor
    Furniture, pictures and various goods...
  • TAKIL, Saadet Keskin
    Jewellery design, souvenirs (mostly made of ceramic)
  • Saadettin Davran
    Furniture, accesories, pictures, curiosity stuff...
  • Selçuk Arıkan
    Solid wooden furniture designs, anthiques (1930-1970), objects, lighting accesories... http://www.18istanbul.com/
Address: Ahırkapı Meraklı Pazarı, Ahırkapı sok. Armada Garajı, Cankurtaran, İstanbul
Contact/ Info: Nedim Mazliyah, nmazliyah@armadahotel.com.tr, 0212 455 44 80
Mine Kor, minekor84@hotmail.com , Tel: 0535 291 48 83
Location Info: http://www.armadahotel.com.tr/pg_en/location.asp

15 December 2008

Armada Hotel: Number One of Best Tango Venues in Turkey!

The Top Ten Jury of HURRİYET Daily valued the Armada Hotel as the No:1 within the top 10 list of best Tango places in Turkey... In fact, Armada devoted itself to encourage tango lovers by organizing dance events at the Hotel as of 1999...