30 June 2008

A Panoramic Delight: Armada “Terrace Bar”

The Armada Terrace, “Historical Penninsula silhouette’s window to the world”, is one of indispensable refreshing venues of the city in summer 2008… this summer is different from the others as well: the “Sedirli Otag” on the terrace has been replaced by “Terrace Bar”!

“Armada Terrace” is one of the most refreshing venues where Istanbul citizens spending the summer in the city can visit after work hours and it is again hosting delicious and romantic dinners in the summer of 2008. This summer, the “Sedirli Otag” located at the Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia side of the terrace has been replaced by “Terrace Bar”.
At the front end of the terrace overlooking the Marmara Sea and the Princess Islands, dinner service will be continued. At the Terrace Bar, our guests may enjoy cold and hot nibbles from “Cilingir Platters” accompanied by their evening drinks and Istanbul music…
The Terrace Bar is elevated from the terra cotta floor of the Armada Terrace by a timber platfrom and is elegantly shaded by white architectural fabric. Especially at sunset, with its spacious and ample seating provided on sofas and bar stools and white columns of light, the Terrace Bar creates an ambiance of travel on a comfortable boat deck.