17 August 2001

Istanbul And Armada At The "Traveler"

"...Gulls were swirling like moths in the illuminations around Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, two of the world´s perfect buildings. The air smelled of jasmine and of the spices in the dinner I was eating. I was in the terrace garden of the Armada Hotel, in the old quarter, Sultanahmet. The food was of course Turkish, a suave cuisine with a wisdom about condiments and sauces equals the French and a faith greater than the Italian in the clean virtue of fresh things..."

G.Y. Dryansky mentions Istanbul and the Armada Hotel at the August 2001 edition of the well-known Condé Naste TRAVELER Magazine on page 70 and next. Wonderful photograps by Brigitte Lacombe...

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We would like our dear American guests to know that our heart felt sorrow to those that perished in the latest attacks in the US... and -hoping none of their beloved ones living in the disaster areas injured psychically- we deeply share their feelings...

The ARMADA HOTEL Management & Personnel
September 11, 2001
Istanbul- TURKEY

05 August 2001

Armada Couples Web Community

Armada started an online community for the couples whose wedding ceremonies took place at the hotel and announced a surprise: "One night free stay at their wedding anniversary"!

Most of the couples whose wedding ceremony was held at the Armada Hotel explain their preferance as: "Well, we chose the Armada because we would like to celebrate our anniversaries at the same place we married and we believe that this place will remain same even years after..."

Keeping in mind this fact, a web Community was started at address: http://communities.msn.com/ArmadadaEvlenenler in Microsoft Communities. Therefore the people who is common in the same object will be able to know and communicate each other, may create a sub-culture group and events in order to help the historical peninsula of Istanbul will be better saved... They may also upload their wedding photographs to the albums divided into years from 1994 to this day and share their common souvenirs.

There is a surprise promotion as well: One night free stay at the Armada for the wedding anniversaries. In order to benefit this offer, the only thing to do is to call and make a reservation 3 weeks before the celebration day..