04 May 2004

Traditional Spring Festival On Ahirkapi Street

Keep A Wish & Join The Traditional Open Festival: “Hidrellez 2004” on May 5th evening...

According to the cultural tradition, the Anatolian people used to celebrate spring with a festival called Hidrellez or the festivity of spring on each May´s 5th day. It is said that, whatever you wish for that night comes true! So, after a gray winter the Armada Hotel is organizing a semi-contemporary Hidrellez-2004 and inviting all of Istanbul’s citizens to come and participate. The activities begin on Ahirkapi Street which Armada is on and will spread to the adjacent streets, Wednesday evening (5th of May). All the traditional spring foods and drinks (both the traditional ones and the brewery) will be sold through the street-buffets, while the local musicians perform gypsy and Balkan music. This year, in addition to the individual wishes, some white ribbons symbolizing peace will be attached on the traditional Nahil´s... The Ahirkapi Great Roman Orchestra which is consisting of the neighboring musician groups of Ahirkapi community will perform its third great street concert along with the guest performers... Küçük Hasan from Lüleburgaz a zurna genius and the drum master Tamer Kum and his group will also be the guest musicians of the night! And… Last but not the least, The “Macedon Koçani Orkestar” will join and perform along with the others during whole evening… As the weather may be rainy take your raincoat and join the festival!

PROGRAM: (19:00-24:30)
19.00- Opening the Hidrellez-2004 at Ahırkapi Street
Street concerts by the local musicians... Spring foods by the portable street-shops: Döner kepab, meatball, kokoreç, fish in bread, rice, pastry, baklava, icecream, dried-nuts, etc. etc... Lemonade, scherbet, brewery, all other sorts of drinks...
21:30 - Concert- Ahirkapi Great Roman Orchestra, Guest performers (Kocani Orkestar)
24.00 - Attaching the Hidrellez 2004 Wishes to the traditioal Nahil (wish-trees), Traditional street fires… Do not miss this wonderful opportunity! Keep a wish and join in the festival!