17 December 2002

Small Hotels Met At The Armada

The owners of the best small hotels in Turkey which were listed in "Small Hotels Book - 2002" which is one of the the "best-sellers" by Sevan and Mujde Nisanyan, met at the Armada for the first time!

The managers and/or owners of the small hotels around Turkey were met at the Armada on December 17, 2002 upon the Nisanyans´ invitation. They were in common by being "small", "respectful to culture and the environment". The Nisanyans caried out the small hotels those they found -their number were over 160- to the Internet as well and prepared a web site at the http://www.nisanyan.net/ address. The authors presented this web site during the first part of the meeting as of 09.00 till 12.30 hours. Then, the participants discussed that what else they could have done for using the web more creatively and servicing their guests more efficiently in 2003 and the coming years...

22 October 2002

Armada 79th Repuclic Day Ball

The 79th Republic Day will be celebrated with a traditional Ball at The Armada on October 29th, 2002.

The Ball will begin with a coctail party at the Lobby which will start at 20:00 and finish at 20:30. Then the guests will have Gala Dinner at the Ahirkapi Restaurant . Live music by the Republic Orchestra and Tango will be the main features of the night.

For additional info:
(0212- 638 13 70 - 78)
Z. Kelebek

21 August 2002

A Family from Missisippi at the ARMADA

A turtle family (*) from Missisippi which settled in the Marble Poll in the Lobby of the Armada is attracting everyone´s attention. At the beginning when they first came three years ago they were only two but now they are 19 of them!

They also inspire artists such as Wolinski!

The world-reknown French cartoonist George Wolinski who stayed in Armada drew a cartoon and stated how he sees the Armada Hotel! The original of the cartoon is being exhibited in the Lobby of the Armada nearby the Marble Pool in which this turtle family has been living...

The Lobby...

The Red-eared Sliders...

"I wish I could be a turtle in the Armada!"... Wolinski- (The original of the cartoon in the Armada note-book...)

(*) “Trachemys scripta elegans”
http://www.tortoise.org/gallery/picred.html and

Healty Menus on Armada Terrace

Within the last two months of the summer, the guests of the Armada Terrace will enjoy new tastes of Istanbul while they enjoy the views of the historical peninsula…

The Armada Hotel prepared a new menu for the 2002 summer along with the well known beauties of the Terrace which makes not only the foreign visitors but also the Istanbul citizens admired to itself. Some of the new meals are "pastry with smoked salmon", "Ahirkapı roll with chicken" (traditional "durum"), "cold soup with yogurt", various vegetable and sea-food salads... There are also "light" alternatives of them which has exactly the same taste but were just arranged according to Montignac rules!

Reservation required. Tel: 212- 638 1370-78
Fax: 212- 518 5060
e-mail: info@armadahotel.com.tr and Mr. Can Sengul, The Resident Manager

30 April 2002

A Traditional Open Festival: "Hıdrellez-2002"

It´s almost spring!

According to the cultural tradition, the Anatolian people used to celebrate "spring" with a festival called "Hıdrellez" or the "festivity of spring" on each May´s 5th day. It is said that, whatever you wish for that night comes true! So, after such a "gray" winter, the Armada Hotel is organizing a semi-contemporary "Hıdrellez-2002" and inviting all of Istanbul’s citizens to come and participate. The activities begin on Ahırkapı Street which Armada is on and will spread to the adjacent streets, Sunday evening (5th of May). All the traditional spring foods and drinks (both the traditional ones and the brewery) will be sold through the street-buffets, while the local musicians perform gypsy and Balkan music.

The "Ahırkapı Roman Orchestra" which is consisting of the neighboring musician groups of Ahırkapı community will perform its first concert in the "New Armada Garage"...

"Küçük Hasan from Lüleburgaz" a "zurna" genious (Pls. see what this instrument is: -zurna in English-)and the drum master "Tamer Kum and his group" will also be the "guest musicians" of the night!


19.30- Opening the "Hıdrellez-2002" at Ahırkapı Street

Street concerts by the local musicians...
Spring foods by the portable street-shops: "Döner" kepab, meatball, "kokoreç", fish in bread, rice, pastry, "baklava", icecream, dried-nuts, etc. etc...
Lemonade, "scherbet", all other sorts of drinks...

22.00 - Concert- Venue: "Armada New Garage": "Ahırkapı Roman Orchestra"(Entrance 3 millionTL)

The gala performance of the orchestra. Conductor: Reşat Şenyaylar, Violin.

And the guest performers:

"Lüleburgazlı Küçük Hasan", a "Zurna" master and Tamer Kum & his drum ensemble

(Hasan and Tamer sometimes accompany to the team of world-reknown Turkish musician Kudsi Erguner like the concert which will be held in Tunusia in the late May)

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity! Keep a wish and join in the festival!

For detailed information call Armada: 212-638 1370-78


03 April 2002

Armada By Wolinski

The world-reknown French cartoonist George Wolinski who stayed in Armada last week drew a cartoon and stated how he sees the Armada Hotel! The original of the cartoon (*) is being exhibited in the Lobby of the Armada nearby the Marble Pool in which a turtle family has been living...

A short biography of Wolinski...

(*) Please do not copy without permission!

11 February 2002

J & J At The Radio Bar

Judy and Jacky duo who was invited for the St. Valentine´s Day events at the Armada Hotel, have extended their stay and they will also perform at the Radio Bar, on the evenings of 15th and 16th of February...

The duo who have been working together for the last four years is known as "J & J" by the music lovers from all around the world. They have been playing and singing at the "Karleton" -hotel and casino- of Cannes, France for some time.

The Radio Bar concerts by "J & J " will start at 22.00 and last at 01.00 a.m. Jacky, the pianist, says that their music is very mixed, from old 1950 through 2000 including dance music of the 60´s, also tango, cha-cha-cha. Judy can sing French songs like Edith Piaf also sing "Granada" like an original Spanish singer, "Malageia" like an Italian...


J & J...

Entrance fee -including one glass of domestic drink plus VAT: 15.000.000.- TL.

Reservation for Radio Bar : 212-618 13 70 - Sales Team

e-mail: Z. Kelebek - G. Polattekin - I. Kavuzlu