30 April 2002

A Traditional Open Festival: "Hıdrellez-2002"

It´s almost spring!

According to the cultural tradition, the Anatolian people used to celebrate "spring" with a festival called "Hıdrellez" or the "festivity of spring" on each May´s 5th day. It is said that, whatever you wish for that night comes true! So, after such a "gray" winter, the Armada Hotel is organizing a semi-contemporary "Hıdrellez-2002" and inviting all of Istanbul’s citizens to come and participate. The activities begin on Ahırkapı Street which Armada is on and will spread to the adjacent streets, Sunday evening (5th of May). All the traditional spring foods and drinks (both the traditional ones and the brewery) will be sold through the street-buffets, while the local musicians perform gypsy and Balkan music.

The "Ahırkapı Roman Orchestra" which is consisting of the neighboring musician groups of Ahırkapı community will perform its first concert in the "New Armada Garage"...

"Küçük Hasan from Lüleburgaz" a "zurna" genious (Pls. see what this instrument is: -zurna in English-)and the drum master "Tamer Kum and his group" will also be the "guest musicians" of the night!


19.30- Opening the "Hıdrellez-2002" at Ahırkapı Street

Street concerts by the local musicians...
Spring foods by the portable street-shops: "Döner" kepab, meatball, "kokoreç", fish in bread, rice, pastry, "baklava", icecream, dried-nuts, etc. etc...
Lemonade, "scherbet", all other sorts of drinks...

22.00 - Concert- Venue: "Armada New Garage": "Ahırkapı Roman Orchestra"(Entrance 3 millionTL)

The gala performance of the orchestra. Conductor: Reşat Şenyaylar, Violin.

And the guest performers:

"Lüleburgazlı Küçük Hasan", a "Zurna" master and Tamer Kum & his drum ensemble

(Hasan and Tamer sometimes accompany to the team of world-reknown Turkish musician Kudsi Erguner like the concert which will be held in Tunusia in the late May)

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity! Keep a wish and join in the festival!

For detailed information call Armada: 212-638 1370-78