18 November 2014

Time Travel to Istanbul in the Year 1902: Parma Apartment House

Bridging Ages (http://www.bridgingages.com/), an internationally acclaimed organization, aims to reenact certain time periods in history around the world and build bridges with the past via “Time Travel” projects through which young generations become better equipped with knowledge and understanding in history. Now is the time to host this wonderful event in Istanbul for the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) organized in collaboration with Building Bridges Venice, Italian Embassy in Ankara and Italian College. The era and the person to be reenacted alongside the period costumes and decor will be the Ottoman Palace tailor Paul Parma and his levantine family around Pera district of Istanbul. Mario Parma, grandchild of Paul Parma as well as other family members in Italy are expected to participate in the event. This event will take the players back to Istanbul in the year of 1902, a time period when people from different cultures lived together. This dream journey in time beginning at the Parma Apartment House, now also known as Armada Pera Hotel, will come to end with the reenactment at the Venetian Palace (The Pallacio di Venezia) in Istanbul.