06 June 2013

For The Attention of Our Guests From Abroad!

We would like to inform you that the protests in Istanbul, were started in Taksim Gezi Park to protect the green area which is very far from the Historical Peninsula where our Hotel stands on. 
It all began with a few tree but upon disproportionate police reaction and some unfortunate statements given by the government to environmentalists, spreaded to whole country even to whole world as an overall democratic reaction! 

But right now the problematic Taksim area is safe and in peace! 
10th day at Taksim Gezi Park, (5th of June, 2013)

So, there's no problem anymore to be worried about as a foreign visitor, do come and enjoy the historical center, the Bosphorus, Prince Islands, also see the Gezi Park's civil festivals in Taksim those are being held every evening!  Do not miss such a beauty in the best time of Istanbul although some travel alerts those are made by consulates as their routine duty!  

Hope to see you soon in Armada, in the heart of historic center of Istanbul!
With our kindest regards...