10 August 2006

The Armada Terrace, Summer 2006

The Armada Terrace has enriched its predominantly Istanbul Cuisine menu with a variety of seafood for the summer, and has also prepared a special “wine menu” for both connoisseurs and those who are simply interested. As for the Raki lovers, their pleasure will be increased by the expanded “Raki List” and the traditional “Armada Meze”s....

Armada’s new “Wine Menu” includes both the well known and the ‘ambitious’ brands, as well as lesser-known wines from regional producers with ‘original’ products. The menu has been developed so as to appeal to all those who enjoy drinking wine, with more detailed information about the types of grapes and their flavor and aroma for those who take a particular interest, and offers as well the opportunity to savor special wines made from grapes from different regions by small local producers. Alongside the enhanced wine selection, the Armada has enriched its traditional Istanbul Cuisine with the addition of a number of seafood dishes, such as Monkfish Sauté, Seafood and Lagos Şiş Kebab, Sea bass baked on terra cotta tile and Aegean-style Grilled Octopus. And along with the increased selection of dishes, a new and expanded “Raki List” enhances the Terrace’s indispensable assortment of accompanying hot and cold “Çilingir Tepsisi” appetizers and the shared “Armada Mezeleri” for which it is justly famed.