26 August 2011

Ozlem, a Blogger, Mentions Armada Ramadan Meals...

...Hotel Armada at Sultanahmet is my favorite location to stay in Old Istanbul, I have been going back there over 10 years, and each time is like coming home. The friendly staff is there since I knew them, and this charming hotel has spectacular views of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque at one side, the Sea of Marmara on the other.

This is the terrace of Armada, overlooking the Blue Mosque. We were there for an Iftar meal as a family. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for a month. Breaking the fast meal is called Iftar meal, and I love the fact that families and friends gather to give thanks and enjoy the meal together. Huge pots of tea is placed at every table, as Turks love tea, cay, and is consumed during as well as after the Iftar meal.
At traditional Iftar meal, sesame coated flat breads, olives, dates, Turkish sausage and pastrami (dried cured stripes of beef, coated with spices), cheese, vegetables cooked in olive oil (like stuffed cabbage leaves) is served. This is followed by soup and meat based dishes. And ends with desserts like baklava or sutlac (flaky pastry sheets soaked in a milky sauce, served with pomegranates)or fruit - quite a feast!

I hope you get to go to the places that touches your soul and reach out to the loved ones. Gorusmek uzere - See you next week for more photos and recipes!

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