06 September 2012

Reviving and Living the Life and Times of İstanbul...

The essense of Armada Hotel's culture can simply be expressed in our motto: "Preserve.Reserve.Serve." It's our road map for behavior both inside and outside our hotel. It means first and foremost to be genuinely in search of Istanbul's quintessential cultural identity as well as the essense of authentic Istanbul lifestyle. Then comes exploring such cultural values which can be revived even today to pass down to the next generations through contemporary interpretations.

The more you get to know Armada Hotel, the closer you come to grasp Istanbul. And yes, the other way around… This is just because we strive for, beyond solely being an urban hotel, letting you truly experience İstanbul's authentic lifestyle, by passionately searching for, reintrepret and revive the values that make Istanbul, Istanbul.

As we are approaching to our 20th year anniversary, we brought together all the projects we have accomplished with this idea in mind since the foundation of Armada Hotel in1994, and wanted to share with our treasured friends like you.

Hereby, we sincerely would like to thank those of you who have fully supported us in all of our endeavors which manifest the respect, passion and most importantly, love we feel for the wonderful city of Istanbul.


Please click this link for more information regarding projects Armada brought to life since its foundation in1994.