22 November 2004

The Dream Segments By Turgut Salgar

The Dream Segments exhibition, consisting of photo-digital compositions by Turgut Salgar at the Armada Lobby, will be open as of today until January 10, 2005.

“Sultanahmedian” by birth and choice. Being very lightsensitive, he also has insight to cultural layers and levels. He chooses to express his opinions and feelings in pedimentos.

Turgut Salgar

Photographer and travel writer for decades he now expresses his subjective views in different media, mainly photodigital compositions. His recent book “Prince Komet Principles and Unofficial Photonotes” was printed in limited edition (31 copies) and well received. Continues to work on his photographic novel “Zzala” . Lives with two cats, “Pa┼ča” the German Shepard and his lovely ex-wife.

(To see the larger ones please click on the photos)

Turgut Salgar
Tel/Fax: 212 - 231 43 59

A Group of French Students visiting Armada...
Their hobby is Oriental Dance!
When they saw the environment, they were dressed up and kindly danced both during the inauguration of the Exhibition, as well as the interval of the Rembetiko program...